AI-Powered Video Analytics System

Connect your video surveillance camera system to Cyclops and let our advanced machine vision  and AI technology generate actionable insights on any target venue. Cyclops offers a simple yet powerful way to understand your customers at a whole new level.

Why Cyclops

No hardware installation

Cyclops is compatible with your existing video surveillance camera system. No additional hardware installation required. Simply stream your existing camera’s video feed to Cyclops and be up and running within 24 hours.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Visualize previously invisible data with Artificial Intelligence. Cyclops help you understand customer emotions, customer journeys, demographics, traffic volume and density so that you can make decisions that truly matter to your business and your customers.

Affordable & scalable pricing

Digital transformation is made simple with Cyclops’ affordable and scalable pricing.


How Cyclops Works

Real-time Video Analytics Solution in 4 Simple Steps

Cyclops' behavioural analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-backed surveillance is so simple you can be up and running in under 24 hours. 

Simply connect your existing video surveillance camera footage to Cyclops by streaming the feed. Then upload your floor plan and select the relevant AI models within Cyclops to extract the intelligence you need. Now sit back and view the results in real-time via our customizable reporting dashboard.

Digital transformation has never been this simple, affordable, and scalable.

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01/ Traffic Volume

Cyclops Headcount Feature

Track the traffic volume at designated areas within your building, store, or venue. With our customizable area markers, you have full control of which areas you wish to track.


+ Understand which hours and seasons are busiest in your store.

+ Staff your store more effectively based on customer traffic.

+ Understand the effectiveness of your store display by tracking the conversion rate of passers-by into store visitors.

02/ Traffic Density

Cyclops Traffic Density Feature

Cyclops can measure traffic density, helping businesses to better identify which areas are always congested or empty. Identify the most popular zones within your venue to maximize your marketing ROI and improve customer experience.


+ Identify centers of “gravity” in store.

+ Recognize bottlenecks in store layout.

+Discover “dead zones” and repurpose them to maximize sales per square foot.

03/ Customer Journey

Cyclops Customer Journey Feature

Track and record movement patterns of customers. Cyclops transforms these individual data sources into a collection of data sets that can be easily accessed and used by managers and business owners alike.


+ Understand your store layout and how to improve it.

+ Identify causes of movement patterns.

+ Pick up on daily, monthly, and annual shifts in patterns.

04/ Demographic

Cyclops Demographic Detection Feature

Visualize customer demographics and segmentation by age group and gender in order to tailor your marketing efforts and better meet the needs and tastes of your customers.


+ Provide better customer service to every visitor in your establishment.

+ Tailor your marketing campaigns and product offerings to better suit your customer demographics. 

+ Discover new possible markets or customer segments to target.

05/ Emotion Recognition

Cyclops Emotion Recognition Feature

Track customers’ perception of any provided stimuli with Cyclops’ emotion recognition capabilities. Understand your customers’ perception of advertising campaigns, new products, employees, and even queueing time.

+ Spend your budget on more effective marketing strategies.

+ Determine product assortment and variety more easily and reliably.

+ Improve your brand’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) by understanding your customers’ satisfaction level.

Powered by Advanced AI Engines

Emotions Engine

Cyclops understands users’ emotions and classify them into a few distinct types to open up a whole new set of metrics for analysis, such as satisfied, dissatisfied, surprised, angry, and more. Businesses can then effectively pinpoint the true satisfaction level of customers and gain useful insights on service and product qualities.

Demographics Engine

The basis of data-driven decisions is data, where most customers hesitate to voluntarily provide it. Cyclops can collect users’ age and gender automatically with our demographics detection model that has been trained on over 5 million real faces.

Journey Mapping Engine

The best way to understand your customers is to take a walk in their shoes. Cyclops can calculate multi-dimensional trajectories and visualize the customer journey for you, including the path taken, places they stopped by, and staying time at each spot.

Heatmap Engine

Cyclops simplifies complex customer journey information into easily visible heatmaps, helping businesses to better identify which areas are always congested or empty. Identify the most popular zones within your venue to maximize your marketing ROI and improve customer experience.

Falling Detection Engine

Trained to recognize over 10 falling patterns, Cyclops can accurately spot and create real-time notifications and alerts in cases of falling incidents. Improve the safety level of your workplace by ensuring just-in-time support and first-aid services.

Gesture Detection Engine

Cyclops has learnt how humans behave on a Gesture level. By detecting whether a person is holding a bottle, trying on a new jacket, or checking out at the cashier, Cyclops adds value to businesses by precisely understanding customer behavior.

Smart Solutions

Cyclops for Retail Stores


Understand customer behavior in your store to supercharge your retail business.

Cyclops for Shopping Malls


Experience how AI can help you understand and create unique customer experiences in your shopping mall.

Cyclops for Property Development


Transform your decision-making process with comprehensive and precise AI-automated property analytics.


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