What We Do

01. Caprikon Ventures

We design and develop ventures from the ground up, launch and scale them to become fast-growing businesses.

02. Caprikon Advisory

We provide digital transformation advisory services and research to help enterprises innovate their business models through technology. 

Caprikon Ventures

We are venture builders

We have three models in our Venture Services - Venture building, co-building, and venture hacking.


We develop ventures in-house, turning ideas and concepts into products and services that are ready to go to market. We invest our resources and leverage our experience and expertise to create and grow new business models.


We can assemble ready-to-go teams to co-build on ideas with investors or entrepreneurs. From ideation to build, our experience and technical expertise means quicker time-to-market for your venture.


Our entrepreneurial experience, technical expertise, and strong regional network also make us an ideal partner for companies looking to expand their market coverage or for an outsourced innovation hub to develop new ventures in a fast-paced startup environment.

What are you building today?

We'd love to hear what you're building and how Caprikon can partner with you to grow and scale your venture.

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Caprikon Advisory

Winning in the era of digital transformation


To stay relevant and win in an era of digital innovation and disruption, organizations must look beyond the business landscape today. Through a blend of expertise across technology, capital markets, and creativity, our consultants will work with you to rethink your business model and discover new opportunities to grow strategically.


Good research forms the bedrock of innovation and digital transformation. Combining a data-driven approach with knowledge, we produce in-depth research and insights to help the modern leader anticipate trends, stay relevant, and keep ahead in business. 

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